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epic games activate

How to activate Epic Games on Devices:

Epic Games is video gaming software owned by Epic Games, INC. It started in the year 1991. It was developed by Tim Sweeney who is the CEO of Epic Games. Here we are sharing how to activate epicgames.com using the activation code.

How to activate Epic Games using the activation code?

Follow the steps below to activate Epic Games

  • You can open any browser of your choices such as chrome, opera, or firefox.
  • Now you need to enter the URL: epicgames.com/activate
  • Login to the Epic Games app on your mobile device.
  • You will be able to see an 8 digits unique activation code on the screen of the Epic Games application.
  • Submit the 6 digits unique code in the Epic Games activation console.
  • Press the enter button and end the activation process of Epic Games successfully.

How to activate Epic Games using the product code?

  • Open the URL: www.epicgames.com/activate
  • After that enter your 8 digit code, display at your device link to your epic games account.
  • Then click on CONTINUE.

epic games activate

  • Sign in to your Epic Games user account. But if you are a new user then you have to create a new account.
  • Click on the link www.epicgames.com/id/login/epic to activate the Epic Games.
  • Enter the product code you have and tap on the redeem button.
  • You can download the app Epic Games using the Epic Games store.
  • Click on your account name and hit on the redeem code button.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you have to enter the product code and tap redeem button.

How to activate Epic Games using Epic Games Launcher?

  • Open any browser and type Epic Games Launcher.
  • Select the 1st option in the suggested results and download the Epic Games. It can be installed on your computer and Android device.
  • Launch the Epic Launcher and log in to your account.
  • You will get an activation code through the Epic Games application screen.
  • Provide the activation code in the Epic Games Launcher and click on the enter button.
  • Now you can play Epic Games on your device at any time.

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Steps to activate Epic Games Dauntless.

Note: For activating Epic Games Dauntless you need to create Epic Games and Dauntless user account and then follow the instructions given below.

  • At first download the Dauntless from Epic Games store.
  • After which you can enjoy playing games on your device.

How to Epic Games on PS4 and PS5?

  • Open a web browser on your PC or Laptop.
  • Then excess the link www.epicgames.com and sign in to your user account.
  • Run the Gaming App on your PlayStation console.
  • Click on the link to account and copy the activation code quickly from your screen.
  • Visit the URL: www.epicgames.com/activate on a similar web browser.
  • Provide the unique epic code displayed on your screen and click on the connect option.
  • You will receive a confirmation message on your screen once the device is activated successfully.
  • Now refresh your web page and enjoy fortnight on PS4 or PS5.

 How to connect Epic Games account to Xbox console?

  • Start your computer and go to the Epic Games website.
  • Sign in to your Epic Games user account by providing your user details.
  • After signing in, scroll your cursor to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the account option from the drop-down menu.
  • It will take you to a new page on which you have to click on “Connections”.
  • Now you have to click on the accounts tab.
  • You will be able to see an Xbox logo on your screen.
  • Click on the connect button underneath the Xbox logo.
  • Click on the link account option if you are requested to log in to your Xbox account then do so and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Return to the Accounts tab where you will see the button underneath the Xbox logo in gray color which means you have successfully linked your Xbox live account to the Epic Games account.

Contact details of Epic Games:

Email address: help.epicgames.com

Mailing address:

Epic Games, INC.

620 Crossroads Blvd., Cary,

NC  27518  USA.



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