How to Fix Plex TV Link Not Working

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If you want all your media files to be stored in one place, then Plex is a good choice for you, which is a global streaming media service and was launched in the year 2008. If you want this storage in your Smart TV, the first thing you need to do is linking the TV with the PMS, and to do so, you have to go to the But lately, the customers have been facing problems with it. So this article is all about the reasons of such happenings and how to recover the problem.

Plex TV Link Not Working Check:

  • The Plex version can be outdated – you have to first see whether the version is outdated or not, since it will not be able to create the link that will be active.
  • If the media server of Plex is not running properly, then it would hard for the TV to connect with the Plex code.
  • If the TV or the device has VPN enabled, then the TV code won’t be working.
  • If you have an enabled proxy, then there is a chance that TV link code would not work on your device.
  • It can be an internet issue that the link is not working, and if you are thrown out of Plex within a few seconds, then you have to understand that the internet connection is making a problem.


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Now, we know of the reasons of the problem can arise, we are supposed to take a look at the remedies for the problem

  • Try updating you Plex Media Server – if the version has become outdated, then the link will be not working. You just have to go to the download page and update it.
  • Try signing out from your Plex account using the procedure –
  • You have to sign out from your Plex account both in the PMS and the app.
  • Then go to the Plex Media Server and login to your account.
  • Now, again sign in to your account in the Plex app or through then click on sign in button.


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  • Try connecting your devices to the same IP range – sometimes, people are encountered with the message that the ‘Plex is unable to connect to the content server’. This can be due to the app and server not working properly. They need to be linked correctly ad for that the application and the server should be on the same subnet of the network.
  • Try connecting your app to your Plex account – after linking your Plex to the TV and if the service is unable to find the server, there can be a possibility that the player app is not connected to the Plex account, and if the problem happens, then you need to follow these steps –
  • First you have to open the app on your TV.
  • Then select Sign in.
  • You will now see a 4 character Plex activation code displayed on the screen.
  • Now, you have to go to the by launching the web browser of your computer or laptop.
  • Then you have to enter the code in the space asked.
  • Now you have to hit the Submit button.


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Once, you have done the submission, the player app will be refreshed and the linking of the app to your account will be completed.

  • Make sure the Plex Media Server is running – the code will be useless for the connection if the Plex Media Server is not running, so you need to ensure that the Plex Media Server is launched and all the data is matching with the correct date and time.


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  • Check the internet and the Wi-Fi – you have to make sure that the internet is running properly and that too with a good speed, and you have to keep in mind that all the devices are connected to the same network. If any of the device is connected to the other network, then the pairing would not work.


This article gives you the possible reasons of the Plex TV link not working and the possible ways on how you can overcome the problem. If somehow, the problem is not fixed, there is the last way left that you have to connect to the Plex Support, where you can read the FAQs in their page under technical support or you can directly mail them after you hit the Contact us button below their web page. You have to choose the topic of your concern from the drop down menu, you name, and company, phone, email and the description of the message, and filling the form hit the Submit button.


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